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Master List for Femgenficathon 2006

Here is the Master List.

There are a number of stories that are going to be posted after today. I'll add them to this list as they're posted. I'm also going to draw up a Master List for last year's stories, because that's only fair.

I'd like to thank all of you for participating. While I don't know many of these fandoms, I'm awestruck by how much love and effort you poured into the stories. Thank you a thousand times.



awigeon wrote Sabriel's Choice: A Fork in the Road? Sabriel is currently the Abhorsen - slayer of the undead and foe to all necromancers. However, her new title and responsibilities as queen make things a little complicated. (Sabriel, PG)


ygrawn wrote Losing Laura Bristow. Killing people is what she was trained to do, and whilst she would never call it easy, is it her work, and she is good at it. Being a mother is both foreign and difficult to Laura and she doesn’t believe it will ever feel natural. (Laura Bristow, PG-13)


lilacfield wrote Worlds. Unohana's life before Soul Society. (Unohana, PG)


sarah_frost wrote Crimes Past, Part One and Part Two. Welcome to Neo Tokyo, where women kick arse and men want to be women. Team Warrior faces the consequences of past corruption and an unsolved crime. (List of Characters, light R)


nextian wrote Ourobourous. Acceptance comes in different varieties. (Antigone and Iphigenia, PG-13)


stellaluna wrote Everybody Else's Girl. Stella is trying her best to move on. Post-S2; spoilers for "All Access." (Stella Bonasera, PG)


lefcadio wrote Pretty Things. Misa thinks she's coped with everything life's thrown at her, but in the end, pretences can't last. (Amane Misa, PG)


ressie_noldo wrote Ad Infinitum. She's not sure where she came from, or where she's going. (Post-Time War Romana, G)


imadra_blue wrote Butterfly Killer. On the eve of her wedding to a man she doesn't love, Yuffie must choose between her happiness and the glory of Wutai. In the end, a butterfly will help her decide. (Yuffie Kisaragi, PG-13)


cygna_hime wrote Walking Through Woods on a Snowy Evening. On the way to Macalania Temple, Yuna finds that she is lost. (Yuna, PG)


srichard wrote Helpless. When it's up to Kaylee to save the day, can she rise to the challenge? (Kaylee, PG)

unlucky wrote A Time For Sleep. Every time has its season and every season has its ending. (River Tam, AU, PG-13)

wordsaremyfaith wrote The Cure for Boredom. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. (River Tam, Serenity crew, PG-13)


artillie wrote The Places You'll Go. Hawkeye and Ishval, and the people she met. (Riza Hawkeye, G)


fairest1 wrote Agatha Heterodyne and the Excessively Hirsute Canine. It is a world ruled by mad science! Poorly. Only one person will stand to defend the innocent villager and abandoned construct alike – AGATHA HETERODYNE, GIRL GENIUS! In this thrilling tale, Agatha must deal with a most perplexing situation... (Agatha Heterodyne, PG-13)


a_t_rain wrote Molly's War. A Molly-Remus friendship story, with boggarts. (Molly Weasley, G)

aberforths_rug wrote Mediations on a Theme. If Lily Evans thought to split the world cleanly and simply into those who are weak and those who are strong she would count herself among the strong. (Lily, PG)

cadillacaro wrote Questions to Fill Out. Trelawney has to comply with Dumbledore's new policy. (Trelawney, PG)

cinnamon_sakaki wrote Looking Ahead. A look at Hermione's time at school before leaving the Muggle world for Hogwarts. (Hermione Granger, G)

corvidae9 wrote Kisune, Part One and Part Two. Hermione discovers her true Animagus form... and it's not really an Animagus form. (Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, R)

da_angel729 wrote Of Quidditch Dreams. As a child, Katie Bell’s dream was to play Quidditch professionally. Now, with the Wizarding World at peace and her dream has come true, she lives in the glittering and fast-paced world of the Quidditch elite. But when the life she dreamed of falls apart, can she pull herself out of the darkness? (Katie Bell, PG)

das_kabinett wrote Storytelling. “Did,” she crooned, and pressed the heels of her hands into her ears, her elbows sticking up, frail and fragile like the wings of a downless little bird, “I told them everything. I didn't listen to their questions, I answered my questions, but I told them everything.” (Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, PG-13)

emei wrote Out of Chaos. “That’s what I remember, the white of the snow and how it darkened and melted red.” The wizarding world claims to remember what happened during the war, but Ginny’s memories are different. (Ginny Weasley, R)

golden_d wrote The Swan. Hufflepuffs aren't the only ones who can be loyal. (Narcissa, with appearances by Andromeda and Bellatrix, PG)

gunderpants wrote Darkness Rises from the Eastern Valleys. Six women, a hundred deaths. (Walburga Black; Molly Weasley; Nymphadora Tonks; Luna Lovegood; Cho Chang; Mrs Cole, G)

hibernater wrote Borealis. Victory in war is never what it was meant to be, and the dawn is no guarantee of a new day. (Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy, G)

jetamors wrote And Touch. After Harry and Ron die, Hermione must learn to live without them. (Hermione, Ginny, Luna, G)

justholdstill wrote Mumbai (to the modern tongue). The owls come. They bring scrolls of parchment; Nymphadora Tonks, some say – others, Tonks. One, in a loose, pretty script on blue lined paper, reads simply, Dora. She keeps all. She answers none. (Tonks, PG)

lazy_neutrino wrote The Radio. Mrs. Ogden is ninety-three. Her social worker is confused. (Tonks, PG)

lysanatt wrote Metamorphosis. Myrtle is coming to terms with changes in life and death as she discovers she still has a tribute to make. (Moaning Myrtle, PG)

lilacsigil wrote Nymphadora Tonks and the Mystery at Malfoy Manor, Part One and Part Two. The Malfoy family, accused of being Death Eaters, demand Aurors to protect them at one of their parties. Tonks is less than pleased to be assigned, especially when the party goes horribly wrong. Set during Order of the Phoenix. (Tonks, PG)

lissibeth wrote Old Friends. Just two old friends – one a teacher, one a former teacher and current textbook author – hash out current events over tea. Post-HBP. (Minerva McGonagall, Miranda Goshawk, PG)

mad_maudlin wrote A Serpent to Sting You. Two girls, two professors, and the same basic question. (Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, PG)

meddow wrote Walking Down Corridors. Narcissa Malfoy spends her day contemplation of the fate of her family, her sister’s ideology and the impending death of Molly Weasley. (Narcissa Malfoy, PG-13)

melusinahp wrote Wallflower. Ginny, irritated at being left behind by the trio, decides to take matters into her own hands. (Ginny Weasley, PG-13)

ninevah_uk wrote The Auror, Alice Longbottom, At Work. Alice Longbottom enjoyed being an Auror. It provided moral certainty in a word of doubt. (Alice Longbottom, PG)

nokomis305 wrote The Blessed Damozel. Narcissa does not let her facade crack, because the appearance of disinterest in what others are saying is the only mask left for her. (Narcissa Malfoy, PG)

quietliban wrote The Faithful. Little Bellatrix is growing up to be a perfect Black. (Bellatrix, R)

rosefyre wrote To Help the Prince. A trek through the mind of Alice Longbottom…post-Cruciatus. (Alice Longbottom, PG)

rose_whispers wrote Patchwork. Harry Potter isn't a weapon. He is a quilt. (Minerva McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Hermione Granger, Lily Potter, PG)

secondsilk wrote A Small Measure. Traditions survive wars. So do families. (Guinevere Prewett, Molly Prewett Weasley and Ginny Weasley, PG)

shaggydogstail wrote An Ordinary Girl. Ten-year-old Lily Evans was a perfectly normal little girl, with an only slightly peculiar collection of dolls. And that business with the tortoise wasn't her fault at all. (Lily Evans, G)

slinkiestumble wrote The Colors of Memory. Luna Lovegood and the colors of her mother. (Luna Lovegood, G)

snegurochka_lee wrote Bar Maid (Or, Five Lives Rosmerta Never Changed). Five conversations at a bar. Five women who didn't take the bar maid's advice. Five lives Rosmerta never changed. (Madam Rosmerta, with appearances by Ginny, Narcissa, Lily, Molly, and Tonks, PG-13)

snorkackcatcher wrote Blood Lines. 'On the Recent War, the Purity of Blood, and the Historical Context': text of the keynote speech given by Griselda Marchbanks to the Ministerial Conference on the Development of Magical Society in the New Millennium, March 2000. (Griselda Marchbanks, PG)

summerborn wrote Praise Out of Season. Lily Evans is unhappy with her marks. (Lily Evans, PG)

velvetmouse wrote Best Left Unsaid. Andromeda Tonks discovers that blood ties really are the strongest bond. (Andromeda Tonks, G)

vermin_disciple wrote Ambiguity. Sybill Trelawney, fortune-teller extraordinaire, finds herself in need of a career change. (Sybill Trelawney, PG)

zeldaophelia wrote Realisations. In the summer after her sixth year, Susan Bones makes a few realisations about her expectations for herself and her future. (Susan Bones, PG)


wildesidewalker wrote Go My Own Way. It’s a pretty dumb Law when you can’t do anything but everyone else can. Sometimes, in order to get anything done, you have to take matters into your own hands. (Suzy Turquoise Blue, PG)


lareinenoire wrote Precipice. She can feel the wind whistling behind her. The gorge yawns below, lush forest and rocks and waterfall. Cora would call it beautiful. Alice sees only death. (Alice Munro, PG-13)


aervir wrote The Roses of Imloth Melui. The life of Ioreth, a very minor character from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and (extra)ordinary Gondorian woman, as told in ten drabbles. (Ioreth, PG)

sarmajere wrote The Past Is Now Another Land. Warrior, Kinslayer, Queen. Some legacies cannot be intertwined, some pasts never recovered, some presents never reconciled, even for a legend. (Galadriel, PG)


skylar_inari wrote Deep As You Go. They were never close. Hanabi didn't think much of it until her sister started trying to change that. (Hanabi Hyuuga, PG)


sefkhet wrote With Feet Glass Slippers Wouldn't Fit. She thanks God for letting her die the way she had lived. (Kate Todd, PG-13)


eudaimon wrote one day it will please us to remember even this. Tia Dalma owes a lot to 'andsome Jack Spar-row. (Tia Dalma, PG)


settiai wrote Order in Chaos. Looking back, Teyla should have known better than to trust the men on her team to behave during the ceremony. (Teyla Emmagan, PG)

tielan wrote Winners and Survivors, Part One and Part Two. She was questioning her sanity in ever agreeing to this. She had never seen war as a game. (Teyla Emmagan, PG)

trialia wrote Cassiopeia. What does it really mean? Teyla and Elizabeth talk under the stars. (Elizabeth Weir & Teyla Emmagan, G)

veracity wrote Lessons in Character. Leadership had always been her destiny. (Teyla Emmagan, PG)


seldear wrote Cold Comfort. Needs must, as the devil drives. But in the end, the knowledge is still cold comfort. (Sam Carter, PG-13)

tarimanveri wrote Sit upon the Ground. Cassandra Frasier and Sam Carter after "Heroes, Part II," and what happens to our heroes as we grow up. (Cassandra and Sam, G)


zoe_chan wrote Viva La Resistance. Brigitte is forced to make a difficult decision. Note: This story is based on the episode(s) The Killing Game, in which each of the Voyager characters plays a character on the Holodeck--and they really believe that they are their character. (B'Elanna a.k.a. Brigitte, Janeway a.k.a. Katrine, Tuvok a.k.a. Thibeault. Tom a.k.a. Bobby mentioned.)


albur_lily wrote Shifting Loyalties. A study of Revan’s fall and her feelings and actions resulting from it. (Revan Solarus, PG)


medicinal_mirth wrote Like a Blanket on Your Shoulder. A dream isn't always just a dream, but maybe that's something she's better off not knowing. (Pre-Winchester Mary, G)


daegaer wrote To Have a Good Friend. Sakura takes a job and faces her nightmares. Set after Gluhen. (Tomoe Sakura, PG)


osmalic wrote Ways to Wickedness. The ways to wickedness are numerous and varied. (Nessarose, Glinda, Princess Nastoya, Elphaba)


sionnain wrote There is a war. Thanks to recent events, Storm finds herself in charge of the desperately under-staffed Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. It puts her in the uncomfortable position of having lunch with Emma Frost, a woman who never quite managed to choose a side. (Storm and Emma Frost, PG)


katharos_8 wrote To Everything a Price. Once upon a time, Yuuko grew up. (Yuuko Ichihara, PG)

laurus_nobilis wrote Just Listen. Even witches need someone to talk to. (Yuuko Ichihara, PG)
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