September 3rd, 2011

Girl power
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Girl Saves Boy: Back for another year


Boy saves girl. It's a common plot point of TV, movies, books and even fanficition. Sometimes the boy saves the world as well as the girl, but it's usually not the other way around.

This ficathon is about the other way around. This is girl saves boy (and maybe the world too), a ficthon celebrating that women can damn well do some saving too - not just be saved. Yes, girlsavesboyfic is back and has opened sign-ups - and I'd love to see kickass women of many fandoms represented. This year, the theme includes "Girl Saves the Day (and Maybe the World)", meaning you're welcome to write stories where the girl might not technically save a boy, but does save the day.

Thanks to the mod for permission to post this!
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