May 8th, 2011

warrior queens (warrior_queens)
  • gehayi

Mod Post Announcement: Awake Anthology

I've gotten one private message about this, so I think I should post about it.

The short answer: Yes. There IS going to be a femgenficathon this year. I just have to finish another project first.

This is the project:

YA Anthology to Benefit Trevor Project

Remember last fall when bullying and LGBT kids committing suicide in the face of that bullying made the news? Well, one of the authors in this anthology, Jordan Taylor, went to Mark Probst, the owner of Cheyenne Publishing, and suggested that he publish an anthology called Awake about LGBT kids--four stories by four authors. And all proceeds will go to the Trevor Project, which, in the organization's words, "is the leading national organization providing crisis and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth."

I'm the editor for Awake.

We just went into the second round of edits. We're getting close to the time when the anthology will go to the proofreader, who will then set it up for publication. Knowing how much time FemGen signups can take, I don't want to start now and risk shortchanging the anthology or the ficathon. Both are too important.

So I'm afraid that FemGen won't start until after this goes to press. If any of you are disappointed, I'm sorry. And I hope you understand.