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sew my lips shut, Criminal Minds, JJ

Title: sew my lips shut
Author: magisterequitum
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing here.
Prompt: (#113) Wretch that I am, I can do everything I do not want, and that which I want most I cannot do. -- Clemence of Barking (late 1100s), Anglo-Norman nun, hagiographer and translator.
Summary: She holds the truth on the back of her tongue.
Author's Notes: Set in the time between the finale of Season Six and 7.01. Spoilers.

( Secrets, secrets are no fun unless they’re shared with everyone. )

Tags: author: magisterequitum, character: jj (jennifer jareau), fandom: criminal minds, femgen 2011, titles m-z

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