scribblemyname (scribble_myname) wrote in femgenficathon,

Femgenficathon: What's in a Name?

Title: What's in a Name?
Author: scribble_myname
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Ratings/Warnings: T
Prompt: We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them. — Abigail Adams (1744-1818), second First Lady of the United States.
Summary: Raven was the one who started calling it "slave name."
Author's Note: Beta'ed by the wonderful Heavenmetal

"You really should choose a new name," Mystique states suddenly into the quiet boredom of the newborn Brotherhood's first week at the safe house Erik had initially chosen.

(Erik sure knew how to pick a safe house, but Angel doesn't look too closely at that. After all, wasn't he trained by the man he killed?)

Tags: author: scribble_myname, character: angel salvatore, character: emma frost, character: mystique, fandom: x-men, femgen 2011, titles m-z

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