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[Lighthouses, Yuzuriha, G]

Title: Lighthouses
Author: lilacfield / Eve
Fandom: Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt: There is no comfort in numbers. Every unhappy person thinks her unhappiness is unique. -- Arlene J. Chai (born 1955), Filipino-Chinese-Australian award-winning author.
Summary: Yuzuriha muses on travel expenses, the price of survival, and bedfellows.
Author's Notes: Post-series, possibly AU. Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas © Teshirogi Shiori, Kurumada Masami, et al.

Tags: author: lilacfield, character: crane yuzuriha, fandom: saint seiya the lost canvas, femgen 2011, titles a-l

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