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3/15/14 10:20 pm - beatrice_otter

So there are remix challenges happening, which is always exciting, because I love remix!

But remix often comes with issues of not having the ability to specify that you aren't a big fan of slash or mostly write women. While that can sometimes be part of the fun, it's also really frustrating when you've got a bunch of awesome stories about women and one not-as-awesome story about men and that one not-as-awesome story is the one that gets remixed because your author doesn't write women.

So are you into stories about women? Have you written stories about women? Would you like to read and write more of them? Would you like to read and write stories based on other people's stories? Yes? Motherfucking yes? Well then, I want to hear about it!

In short, tielan and theladyscribe are trying to gauge possible interest in a female-centric remix.

The interest-gauging post is here.

5/25/12 10:22 pm - edenfalling - "Blueprints" (Inception, Ariadne, G)

Title: Blueprints
Author: edenfalling (Elizabeth Culmer)
Fandom: Inception
Rating: G
Warnings: background off-screen death of an original character
Prompt: 68) The extravagant gesture is the very stuff of creation. After one extravagant gesture of creation in the first place, the universe has continued to deal exclusively in extravagances, flinging intricacies and colossi down aeons of emptiness, heaping profusions on profligacies with fresh vigor. The whole show has been on fire since the word go! -- Annie Dillard (born April 30, 1945), Pulitzer-prize winning author, poet, essayist and critic.
Summary: This is how you build a castle. This is how you build a life.
Author's Notes: This is not the most belated thing I have ever written -- that dubious honor goes to a fairy-tale retelling I once promised my family for Christmas and did not deliver until Thanksgiving of the next calendar year -- but it's still pretty ridiculously late. :-(

BlueprintsCollapse )

11/6/11 11:05 am - aphrodite_mine - Rare Women Fic Exchange

gehayi gave me permission to post here (thanks!) about a winter exchange starting January 1: rarewomen is an exchange for rare women from big fandoms, and rare women from rare fandoms. Het, femslash, and gen are all welcome and encouraged. Discussion is currently happening about big fandoms. Hope to see you there!

10/19/11 10:33 pm - gehayi - Master List for 2011

Here is the Master List for this year. I want to thank all those who participated--as well as those who wanted to participate but for whom life got in the way.

I'm still expecting a few late entries, but they'll be added to the list as they are posted.

Master List for Femgenficathon 2011Collapse )

10/10/11 04:06 pm - magisterequitum - sew my lips shut, Criminal Minds, JJ

Title: sew my lips shut
Author: magisterequitum
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing here.
Prompt: (#113) Wretch that I am, I can do everything I do not want, and that which I want most I cannot do. -- Clemence of Barking (late 1100s), Anglo-Norman nun, hagiographer and translator.
Summary: She holds the truth on the back of her tongue.
Author's Notes: Set in the time between the finale of Season Six and 7.01. Spoilers.

( Secrets, secrets are no fun unless they’re shared with everyone. )

10/10/11 12:57 pm - annearchy - Something to Hold Onto (PG-13)

Title: Something to Hold Onto
Author: annearchy
Fandom: Sling Blade
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~ 8,350 words
Warnings: Homophobia, domestic violence (mostly implied), redneck asshattery and occasional cursing
Prompt: 20) Some knowledge and some song and some beauty must be kept for those days before the world again plunges into darkness. -- Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-1999), American author of fantasy novels, short stories and anthologies, poet, composer, editor and co-founder of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
Summary: In a small Arkansas town less than an hour's drive from Little Rock, Linda Wheatley lives a life of quiet desperation. If not for her son, her best friend and, eventually, an odd man named Karl, she wouldn't have much to hold onto.
Author's Notes: The film SLING BLADE was released in 1996 but I didn't see it until August of this year. Linda is the only significant female character, and this is my vision of her story, both before and during the action of the film. Once Karl enters the story, occasional bits of dialogue are taken directly from the script, which I found online. Copyright 1996, Miramax Films and The Shooting Gallery. No copyright infringement is intended (but all grammatical errors in dialogue are intentional). Many thanks to my beta, miss_bowtruckle.

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10/8/11 12:59 pm - alley_skywalker - Her Brother's Sister (Helene Kuragin, PG)

Title: Her Brother’s Sister
Author: Alley_Skywalker
Fandom: War and Peace
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death
Prompt: 124) I caress the withered flower/Fondle the fragrant petals/Trying to bring back the lost time. -- Li Qingzhao (formerly called Li Ching Chao)
Summary: Since she was a child, Helene knew one thing very clearly: she was Anatole’s older sister.
Author's Notes: I was initially worried about posting this fic given the latest confusion over the rules, however, having re-read the rules, I have found nothing there that would lead me to assume that my fic does not comply with them (the rules). Being an older sister myself, I feel like that is a big part of my character's identity as a woman and as a person, just like it is a big part of my identity. I hope you enjoy my story.
 Her Brother's SisterCollapse )

10/8/11 09:38 am - gehayi - Mod Post: Regarding Late Posting

Hi, folks.

A number of people have contacted me because they're going to have to post late. Others have told me that their stories have defeated them and have asked if they'll be able to participate next year. I've answered everyone, but in case there's someone out there who's worried about either question:

1) Yes, you can post late.

I know that real life can get in the way; I know that stories can be uncooperative. Posting late is more than allowed. (And I'll add any late stories to the Master List.)

2) No. There are no penalties if you can't post a story. And you WILL be able to participate again if you have to bail.

If the story proves un-writable or, as above, if real life gets in the way--hey. It happens. Hopefully things will go more smoothly for you next year.

Hope this helps!

10/7/11 11:18 pm - kittu9 - [IndiANNa, Ann Perkins, PG-13

title: IndiANNa
author Vern / kittu9
fandom: parks and rec
character/pairing: Ann Perkins
rating: PG-13
warnings: brief references to teenage sex, drug use, and medical emergencies.
summary: No one ever asks Ann why she’d want to live here.
Set somewhere at the end of season two, pre-Traeger-wreck.
notes: I have never been particularly fond of Ann, so when signups came around I thought, this is a chance to try and understand her! Ann’s version of triumph doesn’t necessarily align with my own definition, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t content with the life she’s made.

Prompt 23: “You can’t erase who you are. You can’t erase what you know.” – Sandra Cisneros
(born December 20, 1954), Mexican-American writer of novels, poems and short stories, teacher, counselor, founder of the Macondo Foundation, a group of poets, novelists, journalists, performance artists, and creative writers of all genres who focus on strengthening their communities and changing the world through their writing, and founder of the Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation, which awards money to writers of exceptional talent and commitment who were born in Texas, are writing about Texas or who are living in Texas. She was the first female Mexican-American writer to have her work published by a mainstream publisher.

No one ever asks Ann why she'd want to live here.

10/8/11 12:03 am - slowmercury - "My Mother, Kyoko" (Black Cat, Kyoko, PG13)

Title: My Mother, Kyoko
Author: slowmercury
Fandom: Black Cat mangaverse
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Prompt: 91) To have a good enemy, choose a friend; he knows where to strike. -- Diane de Poitiers (1499-1566), French courtier and favorite mistress of Henri II of France. — Prompt unused
Summary: Kyoko is a good mother, if an unconventional one. She gets the important things right.
Notes: You shouldn't need much familiarity with the Black Cat universe to understand this story; all you really need to know is that "Sweeper" is another name for "bounty hunter," the Apostles of the Stars were a very small organization of superpowered terrorists, and that Chronos is the shadowy world government, who enforce their ideals of peace with an elite cadre of 13 assassins.

My Mother, KyokoCollapse )

10/7/11 05:49 pm - brightknightie - "Salt Its Tail" (PG, Jacqueline Roget) by Brightknightie

Title: Salt Its Tail
Author: brightknightie (Amy R.)
Fandom: Young Blades
Length: ~7K words
Rating (Warnings): PG (violence)
Characters: Starring Jacqueline Roget. (Also with d’Artagnan fils, Ramon, Siroc, Duval, Mazarin, Bernard, and the King.)
Summary: When the Musketeers apprehend some smugglers, the King’s reward is the cardinal’s ruse, and Jacqueline ponders her own imposture.

Prompt: #47 “One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that one’s life has meaning, that one is needed in this world.” — Hannah Senesh (1921-1944), WWII commando and poet

Preface: May I introduce you to the TV series Young Blades? It’s a “The Three Musketeers: The Next Generation” in which farmer’s daughter Jacqueline Roget poses as disinherited nobleman Jacques Laponte in order to join the Musketeers, avenge her family, and thwart the evil Mazarin. Only the son of the famous d’Artagnan knows Jacques is Jacqueline. (For credits and chatter, please see the endnote.)

Salt Its Tail” on AO3

10/7/11 01:09 pm - lareinenoire - lareinenoire - Sub rosa, (A Song of Ice and Fire, T, Part 2/2)

Part I

Sub rosa, Part IICollapse )
NotesCollapse )

10/7/11 01:08 pm - lareinenoire - lareinenoire - Sub rosa, (A Song of Ice and Fire, T, Part 1/2)

Title: Sub rosa
Author: lareinenoire
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
Prompt: 138) The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is. -- Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), queen of Navarre and of France, and author of scandalous memoirs.
Summary: The game of thrones is not the only game in Westeros.
Wordcount: 12,500
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death, moral relativism, deeply dodgy politics, references to canonical underage sex, references to canonical incest, emphasizin ur wimminz, royalty in compromising positions, POV minor character, court factionalism, uncivil war
NB: Spoilers for all books (ASOIAF and the Dunk and Egg trilogy) and all episodes of the HBO series. There are more detailed notes at the end. Many, many thanks to rosamund and winter_hermit for beta-reading and hand-holding, and to fallingtowers for offering even though my epic deadline fail prevented me from taking her up on it.

Title translates to 'Under the Rose' but is also an idiom meaning 'In secret'. The epigraph is, more accurately, a misquote from Ovid that translates to: 'Often the tender rose produces prickly thorns.' The original is Saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas ('Often the prickly thorn produces tender roses'). Thanks to angevin2 for Latin assistance.

Cross-posted to Archive of our Own.

Saepe creat asperas mollis rosa spinas.
-- Ovid

Sub rosa, Part ICollapse )
Part II

10/7/11 11:51 am - ananke_adraste - Fresh Start (Venture Brothers, PG-13)

Title: Fresh Start
Author: ananke_adraste AKA Christina Nordlander Dawson
Fandom: The Venture Brothers
Character: Molotov
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence (eye trauma); occasional swearing
Word count: 1760
Prompt: 146. The triumph can't be had without the struggle. - Wilma Rudolph  (1940-1994),African-American Olympian athlete. First American woman to win three gold medals in track and field... and she won while running on a sprained ankle.
Notes: Presumably AU, though that is up in the air until Season 5 comes along. The story of what happened to Molotov after the Season 4 finale.
My friend rise_your_dead came up with Molotov's real name, but I'm not using any other part of her fanon.

The impact knocked consciousness back into her.Collapse )

10/7/11 07:01 am - skylar_inari - Quid est veritas? // Melisse Ortus // T

Title: Quid est veritas?
Author: skylar_inari / Killaurey
Fandom: Xenosaga
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of a (canon) suicide
Prompt: 33) It is far harder to kill a phantom than a reality. -- Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), English novelist and essayist.
Summary: Melisse was never very good at playing it safe.
Author Notes: Set just after Xenosaga: Pied Piper. Done for femgenficathon. Prompt used. I don't own anything Xenosaga related. Thanks to the shiny-awesome puffinmuffin for the beta!

Quid est veritas?

10/7/11 03:08 am - margo_kim - Legacy (Kelandry of Mindelan, PG)

Title: Legacy
Author: margo_kim
Fandom: Tortall verse
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Lady Knight, oblique talk of sex, mentioned Kel/Dom
Prompt: 146) The triumph can't be had without the struggle. -- Wilma Rudolph (1940-1994), African-American Olympian athlete. First American woman to win three gold medals in track and field...and she won while running on a sprained ankle.
Summary: Kel and Alanna pass the time at the world's longest Midwinter banquet by discussing boys, girls, wars, the way the world ought to be and the way the world is.

( 'There must be something in our water. Makes all our women loud and crazy.' Alanna tossed her napkin at him, and Neal put up his hands. 'Did I say that was a bad thing? Such temper, Lioness.' )

10/6/11 11:07 pm - h_loquacious - Fic: Envy, Undisclosed (Valancy Stirling/Redfern)

Title: Envy, Undisclosed
Author: h_loquacious (hardly loquacions on FFN)
Fandom: The Blue Castle (by Lucy Maud Montgomery), character Valancy Stirling/Redfern
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt:  11.  Nothing is more capable of troubling our reason, and consuming our health, than secret notions of jealousy in solitude. -- Aphra Behn (1640-1689), 17th-century English playwright and spy
Envy can be a funny thing, especially if it's a secret.  It can be
useful, but it's very rarely good.  Nonetheless, most of us know what it
feels like.
Author's Notes: Not much to say here.  This wasmy first time writing book!fic.  It was interesting, but I'm not sure it
was my favourite medium.  Thanks to spyglass_ for the beta, especially on relatively short notice!

Fic is at my journal

10/6/11 09:55 pm - kellychambliss - "Solace and Solitude" (Jane Austen) by kellychambliss

Title: Solace and Solitude
Author: kellychambliss
Fandom: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Characters: Lydia Bennet, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Anne de Bourgh
Word Count: 3500
Summary: Mr and Mrs Darcy host a house party at Pemberley for Christmas. The invited guests have an interesting variety of responses.
Prompt: There are days when solitude, for someone my age, is a heady wine that intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison that makes you beat your head against the wall. -- Colette (1873-1954), French novelist.
Author's Notes: My everlasting thanks to those best of betas, therealsnape and my beloved partner. La! Writing this story was such fun.

Solace and SolitudeCollapse )

10/7/11 12:13 am - elvenpiratelady - Spare Me Your Pity, Lend Me Your Ears (Tar-Miriel, PG-13)

Title: Spare Me Your Pity, Lend Me Your Ears
Author: elvenpiratelady
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing and non-explicit mentions of rape
Prompt: I picked two. The first fits Miriel very well in this fic; the second sounds more like the life she wanted to lead, not the life she ended up having.

17) What was the point of being scared? The only thing they could do to me was kill me and it seemed like they'd been trying to do that a little bit at a time ever since I could remember. -- Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977), African-American voting rights and civil rights activist who was instrumental in organizing Freedom Summer and delegate to the 1964 Democratic Convention from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

126) As long as I live, I will have control over my being. -- Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1651/1653), 17th-century Italian Baroque painter.

Summary: The Downfall of Numenor was written by those of the Faithful who survived and fled to Middle-earth. The last Queen of Numenor thinks it’s about time someone told the other side of the story.

Spare Me Your Pity, Lend Me Your EarsCollapse )

10/5/11 10:35 pm - a_t_rain - Star; Great Expectations; PG (Part 2/2)

Link to Part 1

StarCollapse )

10/5/11 10:13 pm - a_t_rain - a_t_rain; Star; Great Expectations; PG (Part 1/2)

Author: a_t_rain
Fandom: Charles Dickens, Great Expectations (plus a bit of A Tale of Two Cities)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt: Let us not fear the hidden. Or each other. – Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980), poet, political activist, reporter, playwright, translator, and president of the American branch of International PEN, a world-wide association of writers dedicated to freedom of expression and to opposing political censorship and speaking for writers who have been silenced, harassed, attacked, or killed for what they’ve written.
Summary: Estella searches for information about her parentage.
Author’s Notes: Estella’s story takes place in December, 1842, the latest plausible date for the last chapter of Great Expectations (the mentions of “old London Bridge” establish 1831 as the terminus ad quem for the novel’s climax).

I am greatly indebted to the maintainers of the Victorian Dictionary, an invaluable resource. Also to the National Museum of Australia, where I learned about convict tokens.

As will be evident, I have taken Dickens’s revised ending (in which it is implied that Estella and Pip have a romantic future together) as my canon. Despite the conventionally romantic closure, this ending grants Estella quite a bit more agency and independence than Dickens’s original version, in which she remarries “a Shropshire doctor” after Bentley Drummle’s death and evidently retains her own property without having to mount the “determined resistance” she mentions in the revised version.

I don’t really believe that Lucie Darnay ever had a sexual relationship with Sydney Carton, but I suspect her children must have wondered whether she did.

Star, Part OneCollapse )

10/3/11 11:33 pm - torigates - Parks & Rec fic: I know I'm going to be

Title: I know I'm going to be
Author: torigates
Fandom: Parks & Recreation
Characters: Lauren Birkiss, Ron
Summary: That essay hung in every office Ron had over the next twenty years.
Spoilers: Road Trip
Prompt: 7) When I see pitseolaks [sea pigeons, also called black guillemots] over the sea, I say, 'There go those lovely birds - that's me flying.' -- Pitseolak Ashoona (1904-1983), Inuit Canadian artist and Member of the Order of Canada. Featured on a stamp for 1993's International Woman's Day.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2618

It was pretty hilarious, given Ron’s own opinions vis a vis government officials, but that was an argument the two of them had put to rest a long time ago unless of course one or both of them had been drinking.

9/30/11 07:30 pm - moonlitwoods - Loose Ends :: Tsunade :: Naruto

Title: Loose Ends
Author: moonlitwoods AKA Kanji no Sakka
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG
Warnings: Oblique reference to Naruto/Sakura.
Word Count: 2,375
Prompt: 134. There are days when solitude, for someone my age, is a heady wine that intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison that makes you beat your head against the wall. -- Colette (1873-1954), French novelist
Summary: Coming to terms with a foreboding sense of solitude, Tsunade travels to Amegakure to say final farewell to an old friend.
Author's Notes: This story isn’t as pure gen as I originally intended, but I felt it was right for the prompt. Many thanks to scarlett71177 and vnfan for the support and editing, and to Masashi Kishimoto for creating such an interesting world.

Loose EndsCollapse )

10/1/11 03:11 am - gehayi - Mod Post

Some of you may have noticed that catsintheattic's story, It's My Life, about Ginny Weasley giving up her job and becoming much happier as a stay-at-home mother, is now gone.

This does not reflect the quality of the story. And, in fact, there's nothing wrong with such a choice in real life.

The problem is that this is the wrong fest for such a story.

When I founded femgenficathon in 2005, it was in response to seeing story after story about Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Lily and so on putting aside their dreams and hopes to find the perfect man, marry him, and be the mother to his children. While, again, there is nothing wrong with this story, I began to feel that every other story was being drowned out. That girls were only seeing themselves as girlfriends, wives and mothers. I began to feel that girls were only seeing one possible future.

So I founded this ficathon, whose tagline is "Stories About Women Can Focus on More Than Love." As I've always emphasized, women do not have to be the adjuncts in someone else's story. That they have their own stories to tell.

catsintheattic's story was the kind of story that caused me to found the fest in the first place.

Again, this had nothing to do with the quality of the work; the story simply did not belong in this ficathon. The best analogy I can think of is someone submitting a male/female romance to a male/male romance anthology. The het romance could be the best thing ever--but that's irrelevant, because it's not the kind of story that the publishers are looking for.

ETA: 10/19/2011. This does NOT imply that catsintheattic violated the rules deliberately in any way. It means that she genuinely felt that her story was acceptable under the existing rules, which she saw as much more expansive than I did.

I spoke to catsintheattic by private message. She apologized and elected to take the story down.

ETA: 10/19/2011. She did not take the story down because she believed that she was wrong, but because I felt that the story did not fit. I did not realize this at the time.

If any of you have any questions about whether your upcoming stories are appropriate for this ficathon, please feel free to contact via e-mail or PM. I hope that, with good communication, we can prevent such a situation from arising again.

9/30/11 03:57 pm - seta_suzume - Apostle (Homura Akemi, PG)

Title: Apostle
Author: seta_suzume
Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fantasy-style violence
Prompt: 117) Wherever fate demands me...I will go. -- Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda y Arteaga (1814-1873), 19th-century Cuban author.
Summary: (post-series; major spoilers!) Homura will continue to fight; she could do without Kyubey's philosophizing though.
Author's Notes: Some background Mami/Kyoko ended up in here that I wasn't expecting at all. ^^;

As long as it takes, Homura will carry on.Collapse )

9/27/11 03:50 pm - kittu9 - [dark come soon (I'm almost there), Rapunzel, PG]

Title: dark come soon (I’m almost there)
Author: Vern (kittu9)
Fandom: Tangled
Rating: PG
Warnings: Very vague child abuse (neglect, verbal; not explicit)
Prompt: 104) Maybe I wanted to hear it so badly that my ears betrayed my mind in order to secure my heart. -- Margaret Cho (born December 5, 1968), Korean-American comedian, fashion designer, actress, author, recording artist and activist for LGBT rights.
Summary: Rapunzel grew up in relative isolation, with a woman who brushed off every question at every turn. That didn’t really stop her from asking them.
Author's Notes: Title from Tegan & Sara’s “Dark Come Soon.”

( Well. If it hadn't been one thing: it would have been another.)

9/25/11 07:01 pm - weisquared - How to Become a Mad Scientist in Just Ten Years; Karin, Ino, and Sakura; G

Title: How to Become a Mad Scientist in Just Ten Years
Author: weisquared
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG
Prompt: 130) ...people lose perspective. It is a cultural trait in America to think in terms of very short time periods. My advice is: learn history. Take responsibility for history. Recognize that sometimes things take a long time to change. If you look at your history in this country, you find that for most rights, people had to struggle. -- Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) novelist, journalist, environmental and women's rights activist, and 1996 Vice-Presidential running mate for the Green Party.
Summary: Karin, Ino, and Sakura decide to further Orochimaru's research in genetic manipulation.
Author’s Notes: With much thanks to eerised_da for the beta.

How to Become a Mad Scientist in Just Ten Years

9/18/11 08:34 pm - skylar_inari - You (Not Yours) // Rosalind // R

Title: You (Not Yours)
Author: skylar_inari / Killaurey
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
Rating: R
Warnings: Suicide
Prompt: 111) Speak. Shatter the silence. Question everything. Redefine. Reimagine patriotism. Reimagine hatred and take back the language. -- Terry Tempest Williams (born September 8, 1955), American author, teacher, naturalist and environmental activist.
Summary: After Zirconiade's defeat, one Turk stands up again.
Author Notes: Second-person POV. AUish. (Goes with the Turks dying at the end of BC rather than surviving.) Done for femgenficathon. Prompt used. I don't own anything FFVII related. Thanks to the amazing rushin_doll for the beta!

You (Not Yours)

9/17/11 11:11 am - vjs2259 - Well Behaved Women (Sanctuary, Helen Magnus, Bette Davis)

Title:  Well Behaved Women

Author: vjs2259

Fandom: Sanctuary

Rating: G

Warnings: Spoilers for everything to date.

Prompt:Prompt #59  I was thought to be 'stuck up.' I wasn't. I was just sure of myself. This is and always has been an unforgivable quality to the unsure.--Bette Davis (1908-1989), Academy-Award-winning American actress, author, co-founder and president of the Hollywood Canteen, a WWII club offering free food, drink and entertainment to men and women in all branches of the armed forces and to service people of all allied countries, and first female president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Author's Notes:  ~3000 words. Thanks to gabolange for the initial read-thru and cogent commentary. All mistakes and bad decisions are my own. Also thanks to gehayi for extending the deadline. It's been a crazy summer!

9/15/11 12:18 pm - abvj - the soul has bandaged moments (Mad Men, Sally Draper)

Title: the soul has bandaged moments
Author: abvj
Fandom: Mad Men
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: Spoilers for everything to date.
Prompt: Prompt #148: The worst walls are never the ones you find in your way. The worst walls are the ones you put there--you build yourself. Those are the high ones, the thick ones, the ones with no doors in. --Ursula K. LeGuin
Summary: Some things are just irrevocable. Sally learns this lesson too early on.
Author's Notes: 6,472 words. Thanks to justforyoudear and lexiesloan for the betas and encouragment. Con-crit/feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

[the soul has bandaged moments]

9/13/11 09:29 pm - rthstewart - The Horse and Her Girl, Chronicles of Narnia; Hwin the Mare, Aravis; PG-13

The Horse and Her Girl, Hwin the Mare, Aravis, PG-13
Title: The Horse and her Girl
Author: rthstewart
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: PG/PG-13
Characters: Hwin the Mare, Aravis
Warnings: Potty-mouthed Narnian Otters; Spoilers for The Horse and His Boy and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
(72) My wish is to ride the tempest, tame the waves, kill the sharks. I will not resign myself to the usual lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines. -- Trieu Thi Trinh (225-248), 3rd-century Vietnamese revolutionary who led a rebellion against Chinese invaders. Known as "the Vietnamese Joan of Arc."
Summary: When the shoe doesn’t fit, get a bigger shoe
A/N: Thanks to snacky for the beta.
Approximately 8,300 words

Read more...Collapse )

9/13/11 02:32 am - jem0000000 - Legacy, Karai (TMNT), PG-13

Title: Legacy
Author: Jem (jem0000000, Jemima)
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, movieverse (mostly fourth (TMNT 2007), but spoilers for the first two as well)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: general violence, mention of bloodshed and killing/death, violence directed specifically to a weaker person to obtain information
Prompt: #154: I not only had to fight outside enemies, I had a war in my entrails. Even my will was in league against me. -- Jeanne d'Albret, also called Jeanne III (1528-1572), daughter of Marguerite de Navarre, queen in her own right of Navarre from 1555 to 1572, and political and spiritual leader of the French Huguenot movement.
Summary: Karai searches for information about The Shredder, who has mysteriously vanished. Set prior to TMNT (2007), post Secret of the Ooze. Gen, action, 1876 words, Karai-centric.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by robina1984. In canon, Shredder's Foot are referred to as teens even though quite a few are clearly in their early twenties; I've continued that, even though the characters I've used are definately in their mid to late twenties here. Michi is Karai's bodyguard; as far as I can tell, he's unnamed in canon. Oh, and I didn't actually manage to stick with the prompt.

Link is to the fic at my journal, via the LJ-cut link so you don't have to read the header twice. ;)

Legacy, Karai-centric, PG-13 for violence

9/9/11 02:57 pm - xahra99 - xahra99, Lady Justice, Claudia, PG-13

Title:Lady Justice
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Warning: Mention of rape
Prompt: # 109: 'Justice is better than chivalry if we cannot have both.' Alice Stone Blackwell: 1847-1950. American editor, translator and activist for women's rig
Summary: Brotherhood-era Claudia seeks revenge for the murder of one of her employees.

Fie upon your law! I stand for judgement!

9/8/11 10:08 pm - bluflamingo - Changement (Center Stage, Eva Rodriguez) PG

Title: Changement
Author: bluflamingo
Fandom: Center Stage
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mention of off-screen cheating by other characters
Prompt: #30 Whenever you take a step forward you are bound to disturb something. You disturb the air as you go forward, you disturb the dust, the ground. -- Indira Gandhi (1917-1984)
Summary: Life with the American Ballet Company
Author's Notes: None

ChangementCollapse )

9/7/11 04:24 pm - abvj - Hide Your Heart (Mulit-Fandom) pg-13

Title: Hide Your Heart
Author: abvj
Fandoms Included: Catwoman, 90210, Greek, The Vampire Diaries, LOST, The Office (US), One Tree Hill, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter
Characters Included: Selina Kyle, Kelly Martin, Casey Cartwright, Elena Gilbert, Kate Austen, Pam Beesly, Brooke Davis, Sara Tancredi, Veronica Mars, Rebecca Harper, Lexie Grey, Jenna Sommers, Debra Morgan
Rating: pg
Warnings: A list of timelines/spoilers can be found [here]
Prompt: 93)There are many things in your heart you can never tell to another person. They are you, your private joys and sorrows, and you can never tell them. You cheapen yourself, the inside of yourself, when you tell them. -- Greta Garbo
Summary: Thirteen women. Thirteen different stories
Author's Notes: 4,070 words. Thanks to justforyoudear for the beta. Con-crit/feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

[hide your heart]

9/6/11 02:32 pm - abvj - Circadian Rhythms (In Plain Sight, Mary Shannon) pg

Title: Circadian Rhythms
Author: abvj
Fandom: In Plain Sight
Rating: pg
Warnings: Very specific, obvious spoilers for season four.
Prompt: I am, was, and always will be a catalyst for change. -- Shirley Chisholm
Summary: Mary does best when she sticks to what she knows.
Author's Notes: 3,272 words. Thanks to justforyoudear for the beta. Con-crit/feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

[circadian rhythms]

9/6/11 10:43 am - scribble_myname - Femgenficathon: What's in a Name?

Title: What's in a Name?
Author: scribble_myname
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Ratings/Warnings: T
Prompt: We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them. — Abigail Adams (1744-1818), second First Lady of the United States.
Summary: Raven was the one who started calling it "slave name."
Author's Note: Beta'ed by the wonderful Heavenmetal

"You really should choose a new name," Mystique states suddenly into the quiet boredom of the newborn Brotherhood's first week at the safe house Erik had initially chosen.

(Erik sure knew how to pick a safe house, but Angel doesn't look too closely at that. After all, wasn't he trained by the man he killed?)


9/4/11 11:55 pm - tosca1390 - "your last breath moving through you" (The Vampire Diaries, Jenna Sommers)

Title: your last breath moving through you
Author: tosca1390
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, unless you count AU.
Prompt: 16) The difference between weakness and wickedness is much less than people suppose; and the consequences are nearly always the same. --Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington (1789-1849), Irish novelist, writer of magazine articles, and editor.
Word Count: ~2,525 words
Summary: Jenna opens her eyes, mouth wet with blood, and breathes in. It's what happens after you're dead that's eye-opening.

Author's Notes: Written for femgenficathon, the 2011 version. This is my way of fixing what the showrunners broke, sort of. It's AU from 2.21, because Jenna lives! Anyway, I tried to utilize the prompt fully, but it kind of ran away from me. I know it's open-ended and not my usual thing, but I kind of like it that way.

Spoilers through season two. Title from a Death Cab for Cutie song. Link goes to my journal, post is open. Please read and review.

your last breath moving through you

9/3/11 08:11 pm - misscam - Girl Saves Boy: Back for another year


Boy saves girl. It's a common plot point of TV, movies, books and even fanficition. Sometimes the boy saves the world as well as the girl, but it's usually not the other way around.

This ficathon is about the other way around. This is girl saves boy (and maybe the world too), a ficthon celebrating that women can damn well do some saving too - not just be saved. Yes, girlsavesboyfic is back and has opened sign-ups - and I'd love to see kickass women of many fandoms represented. This year, the theme includes "Girl Saves the Day (and Maybe the World)", meaning you're welcome to write stories where the girl might not technically save a boy, but does save the day.

Thanks to the mod for permission to post this!

9/2/11 05:19 pm - zelda_queen - Zelda of the Sun, Zelda of the Moon

Title: Zelda of the Sun, Zelda of the Moon
Author: ZeldaQueen (zelda_queen)
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda
Rating: G
Warnings: Several injuries, though nothing very graphic
Prompt: Risk-taking, trust, and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens. Without trust, fear creeps in. Without serendipity, there are no surprises. -- Rita Golden Gelman (born July 2, 1937), American editor and writer of children's books.
Summary: There once was a prosperous kingdom, as there often are in these sorts of tales, and it was known by the name of Hyrule. Blessed were the king and queen with two beautiful daughters who, while they loved one another dearly, were as different as the sun and the moon. All was well, until a stranger visited the castle.
Author's Notes: While this story was written for my love of The Legend of Zelda, it was also written for my love of fairy tales, particularly lesser-known fairy tales that feature strong, cunning women as protagonists. Specific tales I drew inspiration from are Tatterhood, Kate Cracknuts, The Prince and the Three Fates, and the title of course is from East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

On one final note, many many thanks to parrinoyd
, for being such a wonderful beta!
There once was a kingdom...Collapse )

8/31/11 05:13 pm - empressearwig - with walls of the deepest blue (happy endings, alex, pg-13)

Title: with walls of the deepest blue
Author: empressearwig
Fandom: Happy Endings
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild cursing, brief references to underage sex
Prompt: 83) Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over. --Gloria Naylor (born January 25th, 1950), African-American novelist and producer.
Summary: Sometimes you just really want to eat Mongolian Beef.
Author's Notes: With many thanks to torigates and normative_jean for their patience and help as I wrote this. I did my best to line it all up with the canon we have, but any mistakes are entirely my own fault.

[with walls of the deepest blue]

8/31/11 02:17 pm - kaydeefalls - how the west was won (XMFC, Angel, PG-13)

Title: how the west was won
Author: kaydeefalls
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Angel (+ Magneto, Emma Frost, Mystique, Bolt, Storm, others)
Warnings: references to prostitution, abuse, 1960s racism
Prompt: 92) Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear. -- Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004), Swiss psychiatrist, non-fiction author, supporter of hospice care and AIDS lecturer, best known for her delineation of the Five Stages of Grief.
Summary: Angel has never been anyone but herself.
Notes: Huge thanks to pocky_slash for the beta!

how the west was won

8/29/11 12:41 pm - gehayi - In view of Hurricane Irene

FemGen 2011 is officially extended until October 7. I'm hoping that will give everyone who might be affected by the disaster a bit of a break.

And I am loving the stories I've seen so far. You guys are BRILLIANT.

ETA: Yes, this applies to EVERYONE, whether you were affected by the hurricane or not.

8/28/11 08:22 pm - ariestess - WICKED FIC :: "Dreams" [Elphaba, G]

Title: Dreams
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Focus: Elphaba
Rating: G
Date Written: 27-28 August 2011
Word Count: 1091
Written for: femgenficathon 2011
Prompt: see below
Summary: Elphaba lives.
Spoilers: All 3 currently written books & the musical technically are fair game here.
Warnings: No standard warnings apply.
Website: ShatterStorm Productions – Doggie Duo Fanfic
Link to:
Archive: ShatterStorm Productions only…all others ask for permission & we'll see…

Disclaimer: "Wicked," the characters, and situations depicted are the property of Gregory Maguire, Stephen Schwarz, Winnie Holzman, and Universal Pictures. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. This site is in no way affiliated with "Wicked," any of its owners, or any representatives of the actors.

Prompt: My dreams were all my own; I accounted for them to nobody; they were my refuge when annoyed -- my dearest pleasure when free. -- Mary Shelley (1797-1851), English novelist, short story writer, playwright,author of travelogues, biographer, translator, author of children's books, poet, editor and political reformer.

Author’s Notes: I really wasn't sure who to write about with this quote, as it could work with any of the characters I've played with over the years. And then [personal profile] ct mentioned Elphaba, and I was off and running. I love exploring Elphaba and her life, so this worked out perfectly. It may not have worked with the prompt to the letter, but Elphaba has always danced to the beat of her own drum.

Dedication: My muses, as always…

Beta: Many thanks to [personal profile] shatterpath for the quick and dirty beta, despite never getting more than partway through the first novel in the series. Any and all mistakes still left are completely my fault…

By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

It's not often that I allow myself the luxury of "what if" anymore.

8/28/11 04:08 pm - ariestess - TWW FIC :: "Memoirs" [CJ Cregg, PG13]

Title: Memoirs
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Author’s Email:
Focus: CJ Cregg
Rating: PG13 [language]
Date Written: 27-28 August 2011
Word Count: 1097
Written for: femgenficathon 2011
Prompt: see below
Summary: This is what I get for letting myself fall into a funk over this whole memoirs thing, isn't it?
Spoilers: Post-series, so consider everything up for grabs.
Warning: No standard warnings apply.
Website: ShatterStorm Productions – Doggie Duo
Link to:
Archive: ShatterStorm Productions only…all others ask for permission & we'll see…

Disclaimer: “The West Wing”, the characters and situations depicted are the property of Warner Bros. Television, John Wells Productions, NBC, etc. They are borrowed without permission, but without the intent of infringement. This site is in no way affiliated with "The West Wing", NBC, or any representatives of the actors.

Prompt: You know that women are always looked upon as nothing; but we are your mothers; you are our sons. Our cry is all for peace; let it continue. This peace must last forever. Let your women's sons be ours; our sons be yours. Let your women hear our words. -- Nan'yehi, also known as Nancy Ward (c.1738-1824), Cherokee warrior, Ghighua (literally, "Beloved Woman" or "War Woman," the highest title given to women counselors and judges), and spokesperson for her people when dealing with representatives of the U.S. Government. Nan'yehi was the last of the Ghighua.

Author’s Notes: This was a fascinating piece to write. I actually struggled for quite a while to figure out who to use to write for this prompt. And then CJ just sort of clicked for me. And I took it.

Dedication: My muses, as always…

Beta: Thanks to [personal profile] cleo for the beta. Any remaining errors are all on me.

By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

How could I possibly have refused the position?

8/25/11 09:36 pm - paranoidangel42 - Stuck With You, Jo Grant, G

Title: Stuck With You
Author: Paranoidangel (paranoidangel42)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt: 25) Being an artist is not just about making art...It is about delivering the vision one is given...and about doing the right thing without sparing oneself. -- Jessica Yeh (born 1941), Chinese-American artist, activist and founder of the Village of Arts and Humanities.
Summary: Jo Jones (née Grant) doesn't mind being put in a cell when there's something important she needs to say to a fellow environmentalist.
Author's Notes: Beta by hhertzof

Stuck With YouCollapse )

8/24/11 09:15 pm - joking - "Howl", Doctor Who, Rose & Idris

Title: Howl

Author: joking

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Rose, Idris!TARDIS

Rating: All Ages

Warnings: Spoilers for 6.04 "The Doctor's Wife"

Summary: "Together, we are the Bad Wolf. Separately, you're the yellow girl and I'm Sexy."

Notes: Beta read by yamx.

At LiveJournal | At Dreamwidth | At AO3

8/25/11 12:08 am - such_heights - fic: only my hands to guide me (Doctor Who, Amy, River)

Title: only my hands to guide me
Author: such_heights
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Amy, River (background Amy/Rory)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: discussion of non-consensual medical procedures and related issues from Doctor Who S6.
Prompt: 116) You are about to begin the hero's journey. Travel well on the quest. A life of More is your birthright. Know the vast resources that reside in you and are provided for you in the world. You have raised the battle cry of There Must Be More Than This. -- Judith Wright (1915-2000), Australian poet, environmentalist, critic, and advocate of aboriginal land rights
Length: 7000 words
Summary: Amy had always liked kids, provided that she could give them back at the end of the day.
Author's Notes: Spoilers through 6x07. Many thanks to liseuse and purplefringe for the beta. Title from Vienna Teng's 'Now Three'.

only my hands to guide me

8/24/11 08:56 pm - ctquill - Untethered,Compassion, PG13

Title: Untethered
Author: ctquill
Fandom: Eighth Doctor Adventures novels
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Violence, spoilers for the EDAs up to the end of The Fall of Yquatine.
Prompt: 148) The worst walls are never the ones you find in your way. The worst walls are the ones you put there--you build yourself. Those are the high ones, the thick ones, the ones with no doors in. --Ursula K. LeGuin (born October 21, 1929), present-day American author, particularly well-known in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
Summary: Compassion has forgiven the Doctor, but forgiveness doesn't mean acceptance of what she has lost.
Author's Notes: This is set shortly after The Fall of Yquatine by Nick Walters and references it heavily. Many thanks to J. for the beta. 

UntetheredCollapse )

8/22/11 09:55 pm - mrstater - Sexual Relations (Downton Abbey)

Title: Sexual Relations
Author: mrstater
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Characters: Mary Crawley, Sybil Crawley
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for references to sex
Format & Word Count: fic, 1449 words
Prompt: #16, "The difference between weakness and wickedness is much less than people suppose; and the consequences are nearly always the same." (Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington)
Summary: Sybil confronts Mary about her sexual past, and reveals dreams of being a revolutionary in the bedroom as well as in the voting booth.

(Sexual Relations)
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