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Master List for Femgenficathon 2007

This took ages, but it is finally DONE.

My congratulations and thanks to all those who participated. I'm still doing catch-up on the comments. I've read and re-read all of these stories several times already. You did brilliant jobs, all of you. You can be very proud.



sarah_frost wrote Reality: Analogue. Kat Adams does some thinking. (Kat Adams, PG)


veracity wrote In Her Back Pocket. Roxy realizes dreams shift over time. (Roxy LeBlanc, PG)


inlovewithnight wrote and besides you breathe differently down here. An investigation into the custom of telling lies in the dark. (Number Six, G)


romanticalgirl wrote Moving Forward. Moving forward steals all your breath. (Nora Walker, PG)


sparkfrost wrote The Fall of the Gentle. Why Queen Susan is no longer a friend to Narnia. (Susan Pevensie, PG-13)


xenokattz wrote Correspondence. Lois exchanges letters with Superboy in the midst of the Infinity Crisis. (Lois Lane, PG-13)


laurus_nobilis wrote What Legends Do. They told her that she was a hero, that she was Earth's last hope. (Martha Jones, PG)

nam_jai wrote All the Maps Change. "I heard that you've saved the world once or twice. We may have that in common." (Martha Jones, Barbara Wright, G)


bantha_fodder wrote This City, The Ruins In Its Heart. Alia is just as she was created, and more.
 (Alia-of-the-Knife, G)


slowmercury wrote The Six Sea Princesses. All of the Sea King's daughters were wonderful and courageous, not just the youngest. (The little mermaid's sisters, PG)


bofoddity wrote Sometimes I Hear My Voice. After Nibelheim, Tifa learns to live again. (Tifa Lockhart, PG-13)


cygna_hime wrote Dreams Come True. Of Penelo's dreams, the ones she lost and the ones she found again. (Penelo, G)

xahra99 wrote A Hive of Scum and Villainy. How Fran became a pirate. (Fran, PG-13)


ficwize wrote A Jealous God. It is only the vulgar who are always fancying themselves insulted. If a man treads on another's toe in good society, do you think it is taken as an insult? (Akito Soma, NR)


a_t_rain wrote I Have No Daughter. Hermione's mother is furious about the measures her daughter took to ensure her parents' safety during the war. (Mrs. Granger, Hermione Granger, G)

cranberry_crash wrote Tea With the Dark Lord. Luna Lovegood is good at telling stories. (Luna Lovegood, PG)

edenfalling wrote Along the Way. Idealism is hard to balance against the rest of life. (Hermione Granger, PG)

randomisedhabit wrote Shadows in Light and Dark. In times of war everyone has to choose sides. In the aftermath it might not be the one you would have seen yourself leaning to previously, but the intuitive decision of the moment, drawn from a mix of hope and desperation, often has a way of being the ultimately right one. (Narcissa Malfoy, Andromeda Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrange, R)

lysanatt wrote Twining the Thread of Fate. For a few seconds, Narcissa Malfoy holds the destiny of her family and of the wizarding world in her hand. She must choose: is she willing to die for whom she loves most, or will she continue to be the Dark Lord's slave together with her emasculated husband... (Narcissa Malfoy, G)

liseuse wrote All I Want Is A Room Somewhere, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Pansy fights for her place in the war. (Pansy Parkinson, R)

loony4lupin wrote In the Light of Power. Love does not stop; it may go dormant in times but will not be laid to rest completely. And the power that it gives is truly enough to save the world if we are willing to embrace it. (Ginny Weasley, R)

lorelei_lynn wrote I'll Take the Lot (and Teach Them All I Know). Hogwarts had four founders, but Helga was the one with the dream. And more importantly, the persistence to make it happen. (Helga Hufflepuff, PG)

msmoocow wrote Dreaming Through the Twilight. Ariana; like a beautiful melody. (Ariana Dumbledore, R)

opheliet wrote Four Grey Walls and Four Grey Towers. The Order never knew what really happened to Marlene McKinnon. (Marlene McKinnon, PG-13)

outofivanhoe wrote First Betrayed. A prisoner and a traitor have a conversation about the responsibilities of parenthood. Written pre-Deathly Hallows, therefore a) NO spoilers, and b) it's now AU. (Pansy Parkinson, Narcissa Malfoy, PG)

redvelvetcanopy wrote A Mother's Love. Prudence Pettigrew suffered a mother’s agony when her son died. When Peter reveals that he’s alive and needs her help, the decision to assist him is a simple one compared to what she’s withstood. (Prudence Pettigrew, PG)

rose_whispers wrote Persistence of Memory. In the life that should have been the perfect fulfillment of her dream to live in Australia, Monica Wilkins struggles to understand why she feels so empty. In the past, Susan Granger sees a whole new world just waiting for her daughter to claim. (Mrs. Granger, Hermione Granger)

shiiki wrote All That Must Be Said . ‘Last week Professor Burbage wrote an impassioned defence of Mudbloods in the Daily Prophet.’ (Deathly Hallows Chapter 1, pg17 UK version.) In a dangerous political climate, she still tried to bring about change. This is the story of Charity Burbage. (Charity Burbage, R)

snegurochka_lee wrote Five Women Who Hate Fleur Delacour. She was beautiful, intelligent, talented, successful – and not very nice about it. Clearly, other women must hate her. (Gabrielle Delacour, Narcissa Malfoy, Molly Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, and Fleur Delacour Weasley, PG-13)

snorkackcatcher wrote A Measure of Danger. "I suppose it's a sign of growing up when you realise that your parents can be wrong, isn't it?" An adult Luna Lovegood talks about her part in the war. (Luna Lovegood, G)

sscrewdriver wrote Two Pink Girls. Tonks - A sound like two little girls smashing each other’s toys, repeatedly, vigorously and with malice. (Nymphadora Tonks, PG-13)


transcendenza wrote Love, Angie. Pre-series. From age seven to thirty-five, letters that Angela Petrelli has written. (Angela Petrelli, PG)


limyaael wrote Learning Far-Sight. During the desperate crossing of the Helcaraxë, Idril considers her aunt and cousin, Aredhel and Nerwen, and finds her own place between their conceptions of life. (Idril, Aradhel, Nerwen [Galadriel], G)


willowaus wrote Some Things Are Meant To Be. A look at the life of Irene Adler and how she came to accept her place in her own destiny. (Irene Adler [Destiny], PG)


lilacfield wrote But the flowers slip and they drop out. Future AU. Sakura returns to Konohagakure and reminisces. (Sakura Haruno, G)


delgaserasca wrote I Am Not A Blind Man. Ziva David, then and now. Defining yourself in context. (Ziva David, PG-13)


hoshi_ryo wrote Sometimes. Sometimes, it's possible for Nami to talk with Sanji as just good friends. A story about cooking and friendship, and no romance whatsoever. Oh, and Luffy being taught (dog) tricks. (Nami, G)


resolute wrote Before the Throne of the Mountain King. There are questions of real power and then there are questions of phony authority. You have to break through the phony authority to begin to fight the real questions of power.-- Karen Nussbaum. (Trot, PG)


lareinenoire wrote Vino Rosso. It should have been the greatest day of her life, the brightest and most glorious, but all she could see were other days. Days not blighted by her own hand. (Atia, PG)


anonymous_sibyl wrote True and Faithful. “I heard it isn’t even true. I heard they broke up.” (Juliet Capulet, PG)

nextian wrote Lies and the Girl. You love your bonds; accordingly, your lord. (Cordelia, daughter of Lear, G)


ulkis wrote Sequels. Sophie tries to broaden her horizons by taking a certain acting class. Sophie/Paul in the background, post-season 3. (Sophie, PG)


shiplizard wrote A Strange Adventure with Mrs. Nakamura the Safety Consultant. A secretary learns courage by couraging. And also by having one hell of an example to look up to. (Chihiro, Hard PG-13)


bluflamingo wrote Single Step. Moving forward in uncertain times. (Teyla Emmagan, PG)


persephone_kore wrote Look Out Toward Space. Master Jocasta Nu and Padawan Tallisibeth "Scout" Enwandung-Esterhazy meet in the Archives and give each other a few things to think about. (Jocasta Nu, Scout, PG)


amidalashari wrote And Your Mother Too (Four Funerals And A Wedding). There are some things you can't run from. It turns out that family is one of them. (Veronica Mars, PG-13)


daegaer wrote A Friend to Evil. Aya discovers she no longer knows her brother Ran. (Aya Fujimiya, G)


lfae wrote Could We Start Again? Elphaba and friendship. (Elphaba Thropp, G)


skylar_inari wrote Second Sakura. One daughter, or is it two? Juli Mizrahi can only follow her heart. (Juli Mizrahi, PG-13)

X-MEN (Movieverse)

little_murmurs wrote A College-Bred Woman. In X-Men 3 we met Dr Moira McTaggert for the first time. This is a tale of her journey to Muir Island. (Moira McTaggert, PG-13)
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